How can Code Free SaaS platforms drive the growth of Startups

How can Code Free SaaS platforms drive the growth of Startups

Many truths are contained in the classic adage "people purchase from other people." With the growth of full-line sales made online and chatbots that give effective and simple relationships on websites, digital trends help SaaS firms to evolve.

SaaS platforms continue to grow, and their demand for software is also growing. The SaaS platform is easy to start and use, and you can develop on its own without the involvement of a web developer. But how does this platform fit into the world of startups? What is the best way for startups to integrate SaaS platforms into their businesses? You need to make sure that you are developing a strategy that is scalable and specific to the market of your choice. This is where no-code SaaS platforms can really come into play. This article will introduce more information about using a no-code platform to meet your software needs.

Start, Automate, and Expand

There are too many reports on the SaaS industry, and each report provides a different forecast. What they have in common is that the SaaS market will continue to grow in the next few years. Business research companies’ reports at the beginning of 2021 are the most promising.

The SaaS market will reach US $4444 in 2021, US $272.49 billion (20.8% CAGR), and will grow to US $436.9 billion in 2025 (12.5% CAGR). The compound annual growth rate is the key factor most commonly used by investors to measure the potential of a company or industry.

Worldwide Public Cloud Service Revenue Forecast(Millions of US Dollars)

Udanku revenue

(Source : Gartner-April2021 )

In recent years, the industry has achieved significant growth. All studies predict that the compound annual growth rate of SaaS in the next five years will not be less than 10%. According to Bloomberg News, public cloud platforms, enterprise services, and applications are becoming more and more popular. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, vertical SaaS, low-code/no-code SaaS, and mobile optimization are considered to be the most popular generation trends.

Most SaaS systems are automated, allowing consumers to delegate manual tasks to algorithms. AI provides efficient automation, enabling customers to maximize their time. Machine learning on SaaS has become so popular that it has spawned a new business, machine learning as a service, and is expected to grow the US $20.8 billion in 2025.

Software-as-a-service startups provide owners of B2B platform companies tailored to specific areas of operation. Unlike PaaS, its goal is to provide services rather than develop infrastructure. Business owners can automate certain business activities (marketing, sales, and email marketing) in such companies, as well as generate documents, manage existing data, and interact with teams.

For example, Salesforce, customer labs, and financial services. CloudInterconnection is the next development carrier of SaaS enterprises. Businesses are expected to be interconnected within a few years: Consumers will be able to easily move data between multiple SaaS to form a common work environment.

Rise of no-code SaaS Platform

● Increasing responsiveness through accelerating digital transformation.

● Business is more satisfied with speed when it takes four months or less to develop an application.

● There is little to no backlog.

● Multi-tenancy Architecture

● Multi-tenancy focuses on a structure in which a single instance of a software program application can provide services for countless clients. The existence of this structure allows developers to apply a common infrastructure and code base that allows services to be extended, making them economically viable.

• Advanced data security and confidentiality SaaS solutions provide customers with device updates in a timely manner to prevent security breaches. Updates no longer interrupt current customer activity and protected data.

• API integration

SaaS software integrates easily with other software programs.

• Flexible Pricing Strategies

Although there are no hard and fast pricing rules, due to the enhanced SaaS version, several successful pricing strategies have emerged. Most SaaS applications are purchased with the help of price. However, you can set up some trial periods to familiarize customers with the product or service.

• Choosing a technology stack for your SaaS software is similar to choosing building materials for a house. Choosing and implementing a major software program platform is an in-depth time and resource for any enterprise.

SaaS companies can handle almost all business functions. Some of the most popular SaaS application types include customer resource management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting and billing, project management software, virtual hosting and e-commerce, and human resources management.

Is No-Code Platform worthy?

So far, the most important reason for today's government to want a "cloud-first" platform is to adapt to the increasing use of cloud-based services. People want to complete their work from wherever they need it, and companies cannot always hope to rely on developers to complete this work.

A SaaS platform is needed because it is flexible, easy to integrate, and cost-effective. This flexibility allows a startup to choose the exact application it needs without worrying about the coding or paying a lot of money.

A No-code SaaS platform is a simple and effective way to start a business. These platforms allow entrepreneurs and start-ups to produce fully functional software applications without coding skills. These platforms are emerging because they can help entrepreneurs avoid development costs and technical expertise.

One of the important features and advantages of cloud solutions is that users do not need to download or configure software programs on their terminal devices. This is very important information for customers who should not pay too much initial cost for the application itself and should not sacrifice valuable storage area and computing power to run applications and perform activities.

Most SaaS companies operate on a free or freemium model, which means that not all users are paying. Although some of these free users will eventually convert, many of them will not. Companies need to monitor many SaaS metrics, all of which can show whether your company is on the right track. You need to make sure that you are developing a strategy that is scalable and specific to the market of your choice. This is where no-code SaaS platforms can really come into play. How do you know if the service you provide is suitable for the SaaS business model? The SaaS business model is most suitable for your application benefits. These benefits are clear and frequent, provide customers with monetary benefits, and are accepted by a wide range of markets. Just check one of the most trusted sources of real test competitions to verify their project ideas.

All the businesses have to conduct market research. You should not only consider what your competitors have done right but also evaluate what they have done wrong. Look for service or feature gaps that can be resolved on your platform to provide value and win customers.

The application is similar to selecting building materials for a house. Select your software wisely to meet your needs, because it is important to estimate scalability, potential benefits, and startup costs before choosing a platform.

Want to promote Saas development without code?

Undaku has launched a no-code application development platform that contains tools that will help SaaS startups, enterprises, and small businesses build applications to run and manage their operations to guide their business growth and profitability.


Undaku's software product line includes websites, web applications, mobile applications, CMS, CRM, web services, etc.

Undaku platform

● Save a lot of time to create them individually.

● Instant access and better scalability for SaaS project management.


Everyone now has a variety of alternatives for fulfilling the demands of a developing business. There are a plethora of tools available now that allow you to create software solutions without knowing how to code. When it comes to scalability, the cloud is the way to go.

No-code programming promotes creativity, which is urgently required at this time. Businesses that fail to innovate on a regular basis are likely to lag behind. This is because innovation boosts revenue, improves consumer satisfaction, and speeds up the creation of new goods and services. (source: Gartner)

The next step in the globalization of programming is No Code programming. So, if you're thinking of starting your own business, there's no better time than now to get started. Your SaaS developer and end-user business do not have to be a start-up. They can be existing or budding firms.

If you have an idea, Undaku helps you to build your own app with minimal effort. Undaku creates MVPs in a couple of days or weeks on average. Faster development not only saves money on development expenses, but it also cuts down on time to market by allowing you to launch downloading apps and eventually paying consumers much faster. The earlier you arrive at MRR, the better.


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