Stobox Soulbound Tokens

Stobox Soulbound Tokens

A decentralized application for the issuance and management of Identity or Soulbound Tokens (SBIDs).





Soulbound ID Tokens [SBID]

Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) or Non-Transferrable Tokens (NTTs) are similar to NFTs, except that they cannot be transferred once minted. They cannot be bought, sold, or traded. SBTs can be used to store verifiable credentials, i.e. personal identity and social data.

Soulbound Community Giveaway!

Don’t miss your chance to take part in the Soulbound Community Giveaway! Soulbound distribute 1000 Unique Soulbound Personal Web3 IDs. Join Soulbound, complete simple tasks, and get engaged in a unique Web3 investor whitelisting. Moreover, Top-10 winners will be awarded Soulbound Community Tokens and receive additional privileges in Stobox Digital Ecosystem. Be among the first Soulbound Personal Web3 ID holders and enjoy compliant and safe investing with Stobox.

Participate in Giveaway

The maximum number of winners is 1,000. You can participate by completing the simple tasks like signup for newsletter or visiting the website of stobox. More tasks will give you more enteries. Qualify participants who have reached the maximum points within the Leaderboard.

Below is the link to participate in giveaway:

Rules for Airdrop

The competition runs from December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023;

Only participants who complete required tasks and are included in the Leaderboard are eligible to receive the reward;

Multiple or fake accounts are not allowed and they will be eliminated;

Spamming is not allowed and will not be tolerated.


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